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_GstGLTestSrc Struct Reference

#include <gstgltestsrc.h>

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Detailed Description


Opaque data structure.

Definition at line 86 of file gstgltestsrc.h.

Public Attributes

GstGLBuffer * buffer
GLuint depthbuffer
GstGLDisplay * display
GstPushSrc element
GLuint fbo
char * format_name
gint height
void(* make_image )(GstGLTestSrc *v, GstGLBuffer *buffer, gint w, gint h)
gint64 n_frames
gboolean negotiated
GstGLTestSrcPattern pattern_type
gint rate_denominator
gint rate_numerator
GstClockTime running_time
gint64 timestamp_offset
gint width

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