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 * GStreamer
 * Copyright (C) 2007 David A. Schleef <ds@schleef.org>
 * Copyright (C) 2008 Julien Isorce <julien.isorce@gmail.com>
 * Copyright (C) 2008 Filippo Argiolas <filippo.argiolas@gmail.com>
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Library General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
 * License along with this library; if not, write to the
 * Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
 * Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef __GST_GL_H__
#define __GST_GL_H__

#include <gst/video/video.h>

#include "gstglwindow.h"
#include "gstglshader.h"

#define GST_TYPE_GL_DISPLAY               \
#define GST_GL_DISPLAY(obj)                                 \
#define GST_GL_DISPLAY_CLASS(klass)                         \
#define GST_IS_GL_DISPLAY(obj)                              \
#define GST_IS_GL_DISPLAY_CLASS(klass)                      \

typedef struct _GstGLDisplay GstGLDisplay;
typedef struct _GstGLDisplayClass GstGLDisplayClass;

//Color space conversion method
typedef enum
  GST_GL_DISPLAY_CONVERSION_GLSL,       //ARB_fragment_shade
  GST_GL_DISPLAY_CONVERSION_MESA,       //MESA_ycbcr_texture
} GstGLDisplayConversion;

//Projection type
typedef enum
} GstGLDisplayProjection;

//Texture pool elements
typedef struct _GstGLDisplayTex
  GLuint texture;
} GstGLDisplayTex;

//Client callbacks
typedef void (*CRCB) (GLuint, GLuint);
typedef gboolean (*CDCB) (GLuint, GLuint, GLuint);

typedef void (*GstGLDisplayThreadFunc) (GstGLDisplay * display, gpointer data);

//opengl scene callback
typedef void (*GLCB) (gint, gint, guint, gpointer stuff);

struct _GstGLDisplay
  GObject object;

  //thread safe
  GMutex *mutex;

  //gl context
  GThread *gl_thread;
  GstGLWindow *gl_window;
  gboolean visible;
  gboolean isAlive;
  GHashTable *texture_pool;

  GCond *cond_create_context;
  GCond *cond_destroy_context;

  //generic gl code
  GstGLDisplayThreadFunc generic_callback;
  gpointer data;

  //action redisplay
  GLuint redisplay_texture;
  GLuint redisplay_texture_width;
  GLuint redisplay_texture_height;
  gboolean keep_aspect_ratio;
#ifdef OPENGL_ES2
  GstGLShader *redisplay_shader;
  gchar *redisplay_vertex_shader_str;
  gchar *redisplay_fragment_shader_str;
  GLint redisplay_attr_position_loc;
  GLint redisplay_attr_texture_loc;

  //action gen and del texture
  GLuint gen_texture;
  GLuint gen_texture_width;
  GLuint gen_texture_height;
  GLuint del_texture;
  GLuint del_texture_width;
  GLuint del_texture_height;

  //client callbacks
  CRCB clientReshapeCallback;
  CDCB clientDrawCallback;

  GLuint upload_fbo;
  GLuint upload_depth_buffer;
  GLuint upload_outtex;
  GLuint upload_intex;
  GLuint upload_intex_u;
  GLuint upload_intex_v;
  GLuint upload_width;
  GLuint upload_height;
  GstVideoFormat upload_video_format;
  GstGLDisplayConversion upload_colorspace_conversion;
  gint upload_data_width;
  gint upload_data_height;
  gpointer upload_data;

  //foreign gl context
  gulong external_gl_context;

  //filter gen fbo
  GLuint gen_fbo_width;
  GLuint gen_fbo_height;
  GLuint generated_fbo;
  GLuint generated_depth_buffer;

  //filter use fbo
  GLuint use_fbo;
  GLuint use_depth_buffer;
  GLuint use_fbo_texture;
  GLuint use_fbo_width;
  GLuint use_fbo_height;
  GLCB use_fbo_scene_cb;
  gdouble use_fbo_proj_param1;
  gdouble use_fbo_proj_param2;
  gdouble use_fbo_proj_param3;
  gdouble use_fbo_proj_param4;
  GstGLDisplayProjection use_fbo_projection;
  gpointer *use_fbo_stuff;
  GLuint input_texture_width;
  GLuint input_texture_height;
  GLuint input_texture;

  //filter del fbo
  GLuint del_fbo;
  GLuint del_depth_buffer;

  GLuint download_fbo;
  GLuint download_depth_buffer;
  GLuint download_texture;
  GLuint download_texture_u;
  GLuint download_texture_v;
  gint download_width;
  gint download_height;
  GstVideoFormat download_video_format;
  gpointer download_data;
  GLenum multipleRT[3];
  GLuint ouput_texture;
  GLuint ouput_texture_width;
  GLuint ouput_texture_height;

  //action gen and del shader
  const gchar *gen_shader_fragment_source;
  const gchar *gen_shader_vertex_source;
  GstGLShader *gen_shader;
  GstGLShader *del_shader;

  //fragement shader upload
  gchar *text_shader_upload_YUY2_UYVY;
  GstGLShader *shader_upload_YUY2;
  GstGLShader *shader_upload_UYVY;

  gchar *text_shader_upload_I420_YV12;
  GstGLShader *shader_upload_I420_YV12;

  gchar *text_shader_upload_AYUV;
  GstGLShader *shader_upload_AYUV;

#ifdef OPENGL_ES2
  gchar *text_vertex_shader_upload;
  GLint shader_upload_attr_position_loc;
  GLint shader_upload_attr_texture_loc;

  //fragement shader download
  gchar *text_shader_download_YUY2_UYVY;
  GstGLShader *shader_download_YUY2;
  GstGLShader *shader_download_UYVY;

  gchar *text_shader_download_I420_YV12;
  GstGLShader *shader_download_I420_YV12;

  gchar *text_shader_download_AYUV;
  GstGLShader *shader_download_AYUV;

#ifdef OPENGL_ES2
  gchar *text_vertex_shader_download;
  GLint shader_download_attr_position_loc;
  GLint shader_download_attr_texture_loc;
  gchar *text_fragment_shader_download_RGB;
  GstGLShader *shader_download_RGB;


struct _GstGLDisplayClass
  GObjectClass object_class;

GType gst_gl_display_get_type (void);

//-------------------- Public declarations ------------------
GstGLDisplay *gst_gl_display_new (void);

void gst_gl_display_create_context (GstGLDisplay * display,
    GLint width, GLint height, gulong external_gl_context);
gboolean gst_gl_display_redisplay (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint texture,
    gint width, gint height, gboolean keep_aspect_ratio);

void gst_gl_display_thread_add (GstGLDisplay * display,
    GstGLDisplayThreadFunc func, gpointer data);

void gst_gl_display_gen_texture (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint * pTexture,
    GLint width, GLint height);
void gst_gl_display_del_texture (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint texture,
    GLint width, GLint height);

void gst_gl_display_init_upload (GstGLDisplay * display,
    GstVideoFormat video_format, guint gl_width, guint gl_height,
    gint video_width, gint video_height);
gboolean gst_gl_display_do_upload (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint texture,
    gint data_width, gint data_height, gpointer data);
void gst_gl_display_init_download (GstGLDisplay * display,
    GstVideoFormat video_format, gint width, gint height);
gboolean gst_gl_display_do_download (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint texture,
    gint width, gint height, gpointer data);

void gst_gl_display_gen_fbo (GstGLDisplay * display, gint width, gint height,
    GLuint * fbo, GLuint * depthbuffer);
gboolean gst_gl_display_use_fbo (GstGLDisplay * display, gint texture_fbo_width,
    gint texture_fbo_height, GLuint fbo, GLuint depth_buffer,
    GLuint texture_fbo, GLCB cb, gint input_texture_width,
    gint input_texture_height, GLuint input_texture, gdouble proj_param1,
    gdouble proj_param2, gdouble proj_param3, gdouble proj_param4,
    GstGLDisplayProjection projection, gpointer * stuff);
void gst_gl_display_del_fbo (GstGLDisplay * display, GLuint fbo,
    GLuint depth_buffer);

void gst_gl_display_gen_shader (GstGLDisplay * display,
    const gchar * shader_vertex_source,
    const gchar * shader_fragment_source, GstGLShader ** shader);
void gst_gl_display_del_shader (GstGLDisplay * display, GstGLShader * shader);

void gst_gl_display_set_window_id (GstGLDisplay * display, gulong window_id);
void gst_gl_display_set_client_reshape_callback (GstGLDisplay * display,
    CRCB cb);
void gst_gl_display_set_client_draw_callback (GstGLDisplay * display, CDCB cb);


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